MicroSociety EnVision


The students and staff have enbarked on an exciting adventure. Through our MicroSociety Program - EnVision has been created to educate our students and community on the ways that we can preserve and enhance our environment. We are continually looking for ways to protect the environment. Enviro-Club was chosen as a name to ensure that we have our focus on the future of our planet!

    New Entomology Lab at         Aspen Heights 

Our New Entomology Lab was constructed in late summer. Thanks to a generous grant from TD Friends of the Environment we are able to establish a year round facility to study our insect friends.

Entomology Lab.jpg
Praying Mantis in Pollinator Garden.jpg

Botany Lab- Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Our goal is to grow fruits and vegetables in the Botany Lab year round!

Botany Lab.jpg
  • Aspen Heights- Cosmos Bottle               Depot

The employees of the Aspen Heights Bottle Depot were involved in a training session. Co-owner of the Bottle Depot, Trent goes around to the classrooms to collect all of the recyclables.

  Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Aquaponics and hydroponics system in our newly designed Science Classroom.

Students test the systems for pH, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites.